Saturday, May 19, 2007

Mexican Immigration

Mexican immigration has been an increasingly significant issue politically and legislatively for many years. The most recent legislation gives 12 million illegal immigrants legal status after a probationary period and a fine, creates a temporary worker program, and initiates a merit-based system for future newcomers.

I believe this small step in the right direction will be followed by many more since there are nearly a half million Mexicans immigrating each year to the U.S. (legal and illegal). By 2050, more than 25% of the nation will be Hispanic. I'm excited about that because it addresses America's isolationist dysfunction and moves us toward reconnecting to the needy areas of the world and their people.

Many Americans simply don't realize how rich we are or what kind of oppression our lifestyle burdens Latin America with. Perhaps as our isolationist borders begin to soften and we learn the stories of the oppressed, we'll begin to wake up.

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John Lynch said...

BTW: The American Family Association has condemned the legislation. I guess "neighbor" for them must apply to Samaritans but not Mexicans. So lame.