Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Hatha Ka Bana

My friend Sarah has started this new ministry focused on liberating women in the red light district of Calcutta. It's moving to hear about this new opportunity she has created for these women. Some of the story can be found HERE.


John Lynch said...

I love what Sarah's doing! So innovative, courageous and God-led. Would she let us post her contact info here for people to purchase those blankets and support the women in Calcutta?

L Mukherjee said...

Thanks John and Sarah's friend; her idea/actions tug at my heart:
What a great project/life changing to the women there!
Never been to Calcutta (yet) my husband was born there - now we reside near Phoenix, AZ.
Eager to see the site when completed. L Mukherjee

John Lynch said...

Mine too, Mkherjee. Aleta and I are moving (back) to Phoenix in a few months. We'd love to meet you and your husband! You can email me at johnslynch@yahoo.com. Blessings!