Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sexy Church

I heard this term twice yesterday. One, in a meeting with a Missional Leader and the other with an Episcopal Priest. Two totally different conversations...
Never in my life have I heard the term "Sexy" and "Church" go together. Yesterday, I heard it twice!

What to you, is "Sexy Church"? I kinda like the term actually...

This is a good example of "The Problems with Communication" with the topic of language soon to come. :-)

What is a sexy church?


IZenBet said...

ask justin timberlake...he claims to have brought sexy he might tell you who brought it to church with them???

John Lynch said...

I'm eager to read through this, brother. It'll have to wait til I return from New York this weekend, though. Peace!

Bob Carder said...

If it's sexy I'm for it. Why not?

John Lynch said...

Okay dude, I've read them; and can't imagine a context in which "sexy church" makes biblical sense except possibly in referring to the Christ-given righteousness and purity of God's kingdom bride that makes her appealing to Him. Beyond that, when used in terms of production, design, or cultural appeal, the term strikes me as an indicator of a thorough misunderstanding of what makes the church appealing and what draws people to repentance... which is, of course, kindness (grace & love) (Rom 2:4) and truth (righteousness) (Jn 1:14).

What was your reaction to the term?

David said...

I'm pretty indifferent.
If one is using it as part of a vision statement (if you do that sort of thing) I'd shy away from it for sure.
Or the church name:
"The First Sexy Church of Jesus"

But if it's a slang term meaning, 'different, cool, out of the box' in the right context, I'm okay with it in mild conversation.

Again, the problem with language, because what does the term 'sexy' mean?

In the conversations I was a part of it meant different or provoking (but not in a sensual way) so I was okay with it. To them, it was slang.

To use the definition in terms of sex appeal, like a woman in bikini or in terms of lusting after, like a red Ferrari, or 'mega-cool, seeker sensitive church, I'd run.

So is Naked Church (our church) sexy?
If you mean, different, out of box, and cutting edge, probably.
If you mean, to lust after, Joel Olsteen type of church, for sure 'no'.

So I probably won't say, "We are the sexy church." hehe

That's just my initial feedback anyway....

John Lynch said...

AND... on top of all that... What the heck are those three girls in the painting doing, anyway???? That's, perhaps, the biggest mystery of all! ;)

David said...

I almost didn't use that pic for that very mystery. hehe