Tuesday, June 26, 2007

5 Things...

So, Brandon tagged me to share 5 things I dig about Jesus...
  1. Totally Human
    We hear a lot about Jesus being totally God, and I believe that. But what I love is that he became totally human, and a totally poor and marginalized one at that... meaning that he experienced the same kind of shit the most desperate sufferer goes through. He's a God who not only cares about our suffering, but He truly understands it.
  2. Unconditional Love
    Jesus loved everyone... even when he was chasing them out of the temple with a whip. He loved 'em so much that one of the last things he says on the cross is, "Father, forgive them!" Amazing.
  3. Uncompromising Truth
    Jesus said it plainly... it's hard for self-serving people to enter the kingdom of God. Narrow path, small gate, few are those who find it. His message was simple and clear, repent and receive me to be spiritually born again and then follow me into my kingdom... the kingdom of God. A lot of people couldn't swallow his challenge. A lot still can't. And while his heart and ours breaks for them, the truth remains the absolute standard by which we are all judged. That's fierce; and I love it.
  4. He Called Losers and Outcasts ... Like Me
    While other rabbis were picking and choosing the best of the best who would apply to be their disciples, Jesus was choosing fishermen, tax-collectors, and other dropouts to be his. Those are the ones he used to change the world and still does. I have the memory of a hampster and the self-discipline of a wet noodle; and yet I get to join Jesus' band of disciples... his Talmidim. He believes in us losers and he redefines our self-understanding to embrace the glory he created and restored in us. Awesome.
  5. He Died For Us
    Seriously, how can you not love an innocent person who loves you so much that they give everything, including their own life, so save your butt? I honestly cannot understand how we can look at the cross and not love Jesus. Who else would go through all that for us?

What say you? (Feel free to consider yourself informally tagged, write your 5, and link to your post in the comments below.)


cindi said...

This is fabulous. I think my five are:

1. Simple. I love the way Jesus simplified everything down to something I can actually get/live (love God/love people).
2. Humble. Humility makes everyone beautiful.
3. Present. Christ was always present with whoever he was with (even if it was children or prostitutes), and I'm especially grateful that He is still present with us.
4. Poetic. The way he spoke was poetic (in stories and metaphors), and the way He lived was poetic.
5. Obedient. His obedience still inspires me (especially when life is painful or I don't understand what God is thinking).

Great post, John. Thanks.

John Lynch said...

Wow, I love your five, Cindi! Especially your statement, "Humility makes everyone beautiful." That's powerful, convicting, and encouraging in the gentlest and most moving of ways. Thank you.