Tuesday, July 10, 2007

2008 Election // Informing Realities

Paul writes in 1 Timothy 2:2, "I urge that entreaties and prayers, petitions and thanksgivings, be made on behalf of all people, for kings and all who are in authority, so that we may lead a tranquil and quiet life in all godliness and dignity." Governmening leaders have massive effects on all of our lives. It's so important that Paul urges Christ-followers to diligently pray for them... indicating that government leaders are important (duh).

In the United States we have the unique opportunity not only to pray for our governors but also choose them! So, what are the primary realities of our nation and world that inform your 2008 voting priorities? Please take a moment to comment. Here are some of mine (in no particular order):
  • Globalization ... The world is connected like never before, meaning that there are no longer "closed" nations. All are connected by trade, technology, and travel... the carriers of culture and influencers of power, both economically and militarily. We can no longer ignore China's environmental policies because they affect the entire planet. We can no longer ignore Mexico's economic situation because of the ever-increasing immigration flow from hardship to American opportunity. The list goes on and on. It is a scenario of unbridled threat and unimagined opportunity. It's time for the US to invest more in the global village scene instead of continually retracting our participation.

  • Terrorism ... Like the hydra of Greek legend, cutting off one head only produces two more. This growing world-wide plague of suffering-induced hatred and violence penetrates the most protected borders; and it cannot simply be quenched by military power. The causal issues are too complex; and no military is sufficiently resourced to overpower the consequential problems.

  • Education ... This is a central issue in shaping our nation and world. Education, and the lack thereof, influences culture, worldviews, and the ability to recognize and capitalize on opportunities and overcome obstacles. Entire cultures are enslaved to the brutal consequences of their ignorance. Men in Africa infected with HIV / AIDS are having repeated sex with virgin girls because they believe it can cure them. Meanwhile education is frequently inaccessible, too expensive, or poorly constructed. In the US, education is the great unused tool for intentional culture reformation. We're so busy drowning in our own hedonism and protecting our own "rights" that we have failed to teach our children the human narratives of community, heroicism, knowledge, wisdom and compassion. The result is that Americans are technically advanced and simultaneously one of the least thoughtful cultures in the world. Yes... I'm saying we're dumb. And it's a tragedy, considering the powerful educational tools at our disposal both to receive and share.

  • Finite Global Resources ... While post-industrial human population continues to multiply exponentially, the world's resources remain as fixed and finite as ever. Related to this issue, the U.S. alone, with only 6% of the world's population, consumes 50% of the world's resources. Wealthy nations abuse technology and power in the theme of human selfishness to hedonistically satisfy their impulses while countless millions that are easy to get to still suffer and die with nothing at all. Additionally, air pollution, water pollution, deforesting, and unchecked urbanization is killing our planet.

  • Justice for the Helpless ... Another timeless issue, this one affects everyone. Children are aborted or abused or thrust into orphanages. Healthcare for the young and elderly is inaccessible, even in the U.S. Blacks in Darfur suffer genocide at the hands of the militant Janjiweed. Uganda's children are kidnapped and stripped of their humanity by the Lord's Resistance Army. Slave prostitution, death squads, inhumane orphanages, sweatshops... the US has the power to affect salvation for the innocent in all these scenarios if we would only be smart and find the heart to intervene with more than foolish military brute and economic sanctions - methods that continue to overlook the innocent.

  • Legislative Moral Shaping ... Our government influences social morality with the legislation it creates. It's proven by examples like federal tax benefits for gay civil unions, government assistance and anonymity rights for minors who have abortions, evolution vs. intelligent design in public education, etc. This is more of a domestic concern than international, but since it's happening already and, in my opinion, should be used to check the complex self and social destructiveness of sin, I believe it's significant for us in 2008.

  • Proud Leaders Suck ... That's a global and national reality we've seen repeatedly demonstrated. Arrogance in office spells nothing but trouble. It's a reality I hold as a core influencer in my voting choices.

  • 7/16 addition ... Economy ... jobs, minimum wage, home ownership, interest rates, taxation, national debt, etc. Yeah this is an ongoing reality that really deserves its own category.

So those are some of mine. How about you? What realities in our world shape your issues of concern?

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David said...

Wow, you're getting pretty comprehensive.
I usually ignore it all till it gets closer to crunch time.
I guess I'm turning apathetic.
It seems that no matter who's in charge, good stuff and bad stuff happens, and then people get sick of that party and switch to the other.
I'm in the middle. Literally.
What a conundrum.

Bob Carder said...

Clintonism is also a national threat!

It's just one man's opinion, ya know!

Jeff said...

I know for myself, I'm going to look for the candidate that most exemplifies in my mind the ideals of Christ. Mind you, this is not going to the the most Fundamental or Evangelical of the candidates, but it will probably be the most humble.

Sen. Clinton made a comment around the time when she officially entered the race to the effect of "we need to regain the respect of the world". I would disagree. I think we need to regain our respect FOR the world.

John Lynch said...

David, you closet warrior, you ... now you're just being humble! Shout it out, baby! What are your issues?

Bob, you sound like you've been reading somebody's autobiography???

Great word, Jeff. That's one of the thoughts that permeates all of my personal areas of concern. Thanks, brother.

Who else? The floor is open! Liberal? Conservative? Moderate? Whatever your vantage-point is, you're invited to toss out the realities you see that shape your voting priorities in '08! Let's mix it up! (...in love & humility, always)

David said...

I used to be staunch Republican, but consider myself right down the middle now...although a facebook quiz did put me slightly to the left.

Actually my issues - and this could change - are social justice and the environment.

National Security is always and issue for me, but I honestly don't know which platform has the better plan.

There is a Marijuana Party in Colorado. I'd join that but I'm guessing it's a one issue party, and I'd be on the outside looking in. But I'd get lot's of Cheetos and I really like Cheetos.

Bob Carder said...

Keep preaching, that's all I have to say!

John Lynch said...

I just noticed that Economy wasn't mentioned. Our national habit of waste certainly could fall under justice and finite resoruces; but it's a significant enough issue - affecting jobs, access to homes, debt, trade, taxation, etc. - so as to deserve its own category.

Bob Carder said...

Once again, this is really good stuff.

Joy said...


These are great issues.

One of my issues is health care. I don't think I would want national health care, because we all know what happens when the government takes over something, but health care needs to be addressed. Unless you have insurance, you cannot even afford health care. If you are self-employed, you likely cannot afford insurance. Between the medical community, the insurance community and the legal community, health care has been turned into a racket!

I also agree that social justice needs to be on the table.