Wednesday, August 15, 2007

7 Days & Waiting

My wife and I are in transition. After a decade of pastoral ministry, I'm leaving the institutional approach to ministry and seeking, with my soul-mate, to learn how to incarnate Christ in an "ordinary" life, like His own.

So it was funny this week as I filled out all the necessary startup paperwork for my new construction job. I wrote down my last two jobs as pastor and youth pastor – both with wages around $40k. I know that’s not a huge professional salary; but it made me chuckle inside as I thought of starting this first stage of my new life at $12 an hour. Total step backward in the world's system.

The construction gig is more commercial than I thought. Not as much immediate skills-learning payoff. As with all large builds, there’s a ton of simple, hard labor. That’s where I started on Tuesday – my first day on the job. By the time I reached 4 or 5 hours into my shift working in the 112 degree Arizona heat and navigating repeated flights of stairs, the thought struck me… “I’m going to have heat-stroke and die right here, right now.” It was the hardest physical work I’ve experienced since high school football!

It’s funny because before we moved, my wife and I had been talking about how we anticipated the first part of our time here as a final, extreme period of pruning. For me, the main issue was self-discipline. “Prophetic,” I mused as I walked onto the work site at 5:45 am for another 8 hours of hard labor on this, my second day.

Prophetic for my wife too. One of her significant themes has been how to interact with difficult people or people in difficult situations while maintaining an abiding inner peace in Christ. Did I mention we’re living with my parents? Yah… in their house.

I haven’t had time or energy this week to begin checking out local ministries. I haven’t had time or energy to do really anything! I have no idea how all this segways into the life of ministry we believe God is leading us toward. We have no idea how all of these bizarre pieces fit together.

And now it’s 7:30 pm. Time for me to spend some time with our loving God in prayer and His Word before I go to bed - at 8:30 pm. Wow… I go to bed at 8:30 pm. “Lord, we trust You in this… but it sure is confusing.”


Adrienne Gibson said...

Welcome back to the heat!!! I cannot even imagine working outside right now. Especially today with the heat advisory. I am excited for you two!!!

Heather said...

Thanks for sharing ...


John Lynch said...

Thanks you guys! Can't wait to see you!