Friday, August 10, 2007

Finally, It Begins

After two years of praying and searching, my wife and I have arrived in our new home-base for life and mission, Phoenix Arizona.

I start work Monday... construction (to gain a relevant skill-set to the vision we feel God putting on our hearts of creating space for community). Aleta is looking for a job in graphic design while confirming a studio space with another artist in which to paint.

Next week, we'll continue meeting with people, praying with them for God's leading, and visiting ministries in the area that focus on the needy. More and more, as we move through all this, I'm internalizing the reality that we're not looking for a project or a mission or even a ministry in all this. We’re simply looking for a life. A life and a lifestyle that’s in the way and with the living person of Jesus.

It sounds much simpler than starting a missional program with vision, strategies, and measurable goals; and in some ways it is. But in other ways, it’s actually much more complicated. We’re not building something here; we’re becoming something. We’re becoming individuals and communities of kingdom dwellers. We’re becoming disciples of Christ. We’re becoming fully human, as God designed us to be.

As we continue to grow by the gracious presence and provision of God, I become increasingly saddened by the vast numbers of people who face critical moments of need and choose to deceive themselves into a soul-numbing insensitivity instead of facing the harder road of searching for real truth in God. I’m hoping we stumble into a culture of needy people who are less hardened to receiving real help and listening to real words of hope-filled truth.

My thoughts are a bit jumbled in the midst of all this; so forgive me if I’m free-associating here... I even have friends down here who talk as passionate Christ-seekers eager to become more fully surrendered disciples… but significant arenas of their personal lives are seemingly out-of-bounds to God’s loving, life-giving person and plan. These “no-access” areas quench God’s leadership in them and frustrate their living experience with what they feel is His absence. But it's not His resistance to enter their experience. It's their resistance to His entering in His way, with His agenda.

So many self-deceivers. It makes me wonder how often I do this in my own life. It makes me want to find people who, for whatever reason, have less tolerance for bull-shit and greater hunger for real, hope-filled, life change… especially that comes with a loving infusion of power that’s greater than their own.

Surrender is hard. The gate is narrow… so very narrow. Few are those who find it. And yet, the harvest is white.

Thanks for praying for Aleta and I as we continue to search for this lifestyle we spent so many years overlooking. May we find it and help others to do the same.


David said...

wow, deep stuff, good stuff, wow stuff, can't wait to hear more stuff.


Bob Carder said...

I'm proud of you John. There is life after the church. There is life in the CHURCH of which you are part, a huge part indeed.

God has great plans than you can imagine!

Seek the lost and you will find them.

Duncan McFadzean said...

John, good to have you back blogging again. Am really looking forward to reading how you go, and what the joys and challenges are. Hope you enjoy being a true pioneer and that many others are inspired to do likewise.

Bill said...

Hey John.

This is Bill from Your post moved me deeply. Thank you for sharing this journey with us.

May God overwhelm you with His kindness.

John Lynch said...

Thanks for the encouragement and especially prayer, you guys. It helps.