Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Jesus is not my servant, server, serf, subject, or slave

Due to an unforeseen circumstance that I won’t get into, I was kind of thrown for a loop yesterday and have since then been scrambling around trying to get a trip ready for “The Gathering” in New Mexico.

At first, I felt like this great injustice was done to me.
Then I realized it was just a misunderstanding between two parties.
Then I blamed me.
Then I blamed God.
Then I realized that God’s grace covers my shadows and that God is big enough to handle any laments directed at him (see Psalms and Lamentations).

Then, as I was walking today clearing my head it struck me:
Jesus owes me nothing.
He doesn’t owe me an easy life or a happy trip.
He doesn’t owe me a hotel with a pool to take my kids swimming.
He doesn’t owe me happiness.

He is not my bobble-head doll, my magic 8 ball, or my Ouija board.
He is not my horoscope, my name it claim it errand boy, or my employee.

He owes me nothing.
I owe him my life and my all.

He holds the universe together by a word.
He is the Word.
He is the Christ, He is Lord, and He is dangerous.

And will never stop breathing His breathe or give up on Him.
Even when I do breathe curses at him and throw up my hands in despair, He is still God.
And I worship Him alone.


Revolutionary said...

Great post David

John Lynch said...

Such a powerful (and painful) reality to live into, bro.

Yesterday, with friends, Aleta and I were fellowshipping on the reality of how God uses injustice to take us deeper into total surrender and to open us up to a greater experience and abiding presence of Christ.

I read through Ecclesiastes 3 and then the mind-blowing statement that all those seasons - even the unjust ones with no closure or "balance" - are beautiful in the plan of God. The plan that Scripture promises is for His glory and our good.

I'm seeing in new ways that losing our lives actually leads to gaining real life. It's gained greater clarity as I've begun to actually lose my life in new ways. And I've just begun to discover what lies beneath that border I was never willing to cross before... because I would have to leave so many things behind. Things that seemed fair and reasonable and good. Things that were from me (subtly selfish) and not from faith.

Anyway... I think I resonate with your feelings a bit in this. Much love, dude. Thanks for the post.

David said...

Hey John,
Good words.
I haven't been able to post as much due to work restrictions and all...but I'm still here!psalm8410

l said...

great post!