Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Praises & Prayer Requests

"Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God." (Philippians 4:6)

It's so important to live grateful lives! Even amidst seasons of intense and difficult waiting, prayerful thanksgiving keeps all things in perspective and opens the door of loving humility through which God can continue to bless.

Since Aleta and I moved down to Arizona from Chicago last month, God's gracious and perfect provisions for us have been overwhelming! Here's a sample of the things we're thanking Him for:

  • A smooth move, full of provision, even despite a few of my naive oversights. (total grace)
  • Local friends for my wife like Jessica, Dawn, and Erin who really know and love Aleta. One of them just moved from Chicago to Phoenix this week!
  • Local friends for me like Justin, Ben, and Dave, who pursue, love, and continually lift me up.
  • My construction job with two unexpected raises and full medical benefits. Wow.
  • The Lord's work in Justin's life, a new friend from the construction site whose about to give his life to Christ any day!
  • God's provision in not one but two places to stay for basically free! The communal experience of Mom and Dad's house during the week and a weekend refuge at a house belonging to a friend who's out of town for a year. (that one comes with a big screen HD!)
  • Dave and Pam, partners with a common heart for Christ's kingdom to break forth among us with whom we pray weekly.
  • Emerging friendships and potential partnerships with Craig & Melissa.
  • Three new opportunities to serve among the local needy: 1) Habitat for Humanity, 2) Neighborhood Ministries, and 3) The Tempe Community Action Agency.
  • The Flood, a young worshiping community in Tempe led by my friend Ben with whom Aleta and I sense God's leading to join.
  • Our car... a total gift of God that runs great and looks practically brand-new!
And, with our praise, we're also full of fervent prayer. Here's what is huge on our hearts:

  • The right job for Aleta and transportation needs surrounding two jobs and one car.
  • An artist community for her to break into.
  • A down payment for a townhouse / home.
  • God's leading in where to buy.
  • More people to embrace this radical vision of kingdom community and for us to join with as kindred hearts.
  • A relocation of sorts for many of us to a common area of town. (This goes with God's leading in where to buy.)
  • Massive spiritual awakening in Metro-Phoenix, Arizona, the nation, and the world. That God's kingdom comes on earth as in heaven.
Thanks for joining us in both praise and prayer. We need it!


sarah said...

I miss you guys too much!

John Lynch said...

We miss you too, sister!