Monday, September 24, 2007

How Much Would You Pay?

So here's a practical question (not rhetorical - please comment away!)...

God, as explained by the Bible, eagerly desires people to experience intimate, loving, ever-increasing community with Himself and with others. He also longs to empower people to serve as courageous agents of redemption through which all the brokenness of this world can be healed. Can you imagine what such a life would look like? A life of loving and being loved? A life of purpose, adventure, power, and momentum? A life of real family and team and victory?

Now, here's the question... What would you give for such a life?

... how much of your money and possessions?
... how much of your time?
... how much of your "freedom" and "rights"?
... how much of your independence?
... how much of your comfort and convenience?
... how much of your safety?
... how much of your heart?
... how much of yourself?

Seriously, how much would you be willing to lose to gain a life like this?


grace said...

I was just thinking about this yesterday, remembering how as a pre-believer and young believer, the question was often, "how much sin can I get away with?" Which of course as we grow, we realize is a ridiculous question.

The question I now find myself wrestling with is "how much of myself do I get to keep?", still looking for that legal minimum requirement of what I have to give up. Hopefully I will grow into the answer for this one too.

John Lynch said...

That's awesome, Grace. Thanks for being vulnerable and sharing that. It's undoubtedly a struggle we can all relate to. A "daily putting to death" kind of thing. Thanks again, sister! In Christ's love.

Alan Knox said...


Thank you for this post, and for pointing out that your questions are not rhetorical, but very real. I want to shout, "I would give up everything!" And, at times, that would be close to the truth. But, there are other times that I love myself and my life too much. From day to day, its a struggle between a desire for the abundant life with Christ, and just a better life of my own making.


John Lynch said...

Hey Alan! I resonate deeply with your experience. Might I ask what specific things God has invited you to surrender in recent history for the sake of gaining Christ and this life He brings? The practical victories as well as ongoing areas of struggle will assuredly be an encouragement to all who read and myself as well. Thanks again, bro. In Christ's love.

Alan Knox said...


As you probably know, I love to study the church. I have some strong convictions when it comes to the church. However, God has taught me that when I hold tightly to my convictions (though those convictions may be right) and yet fail to love or do not yield my preferences to those who do not hold the same convictions, then I have failed in my desire to follow him. This was a difficult lesson, and in some ways, it is a lesson that I must continue to learn. In essence, the question is, "Am I willing to give up my learning, my knowledge, my education, etc. in order to demonstrate self-sacrificing love for other people?" Sometimes, I still choose to demand my own way instead of considering the growth, maturity, and concern for my brothers and sisters in Christ. I thank God, and rely completely, on his grace.


Anonymous said...

I too must constantly hold the battle between my mind and heart up into the purifying light of God's discerning Spirit. I'm so with you brother... Total surrender to Christ is much deeper than what we think of as convictions. It's the marrow of our soul, deeper than any thesis or argument (as helpful as those have been historically).

Thanks for the word, Alan! Blessings man. In Christ's love,

- John