Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Beginning of the Kingdom

God blesses Abraham and Sarah, then has them wait decades until even beginning to fulfill His promise. God takes Joseph through years of exile, slavery and imprisonment before exalting him to his charge over Egypt. God anoints David as king over Israel, then has him wander in hiding for years before fulfilling granting the throne. God chooses young Mary as the birth-mother of Jesus incarnate, then has her bear poverty, public shame, and some massively-inconvenient pregnant sojourning before giving her the promised Child.

When the strategic vision gets flushed away with insurmountable circumstances. When revolutionary optimism becomes clouded by inescapable but God-appointed activities that seem irrelevant. When life takes a drastic derailing from the promises of God in our hearts, we are forced, in a way, to let go of our imaginations of His kingdom and are left simply holding onto the King... which, ironically, is the beginning of experiencing His kingdom.

And it makes me think... when we do not have the season that we pursue, what will we pursue in the season that we have? And it also brings to mind that famous biblical wisdom phrase: "The beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord."

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