Saturday, October 20, 2007

Clinton vs. Obama - Trust

I’ve come to closely scrutinize the public statement of convictions among politicians due to how disappointing and common discrepancies exist between such statements and their makers’ lifestyles. Politicians are commonly viewed as double-talking and dishonest to achieve hidden personal agendas; so when I find a political servant appearing more transparent than the rest, I’m usually pretty attracted even when I disagree with some values. The fact that they clearly and consistently both state and live their convictions empowers me to give them something I seldom grant politicians in general: trust.

Until last month, I’ve been a registered Republican for my entire adult life. Though still conservative in many ways, I’ve come to acknowledge that the activity of our current president has almost assured a Democratic victory in the 2008 election. And since Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama are ranked as the leading Democratic candidates, I thought we might be well served by identifying the nature of their political approaches in terms of this issue of trust.

Some months ago, in the CNN Democratic YouTube Debates, speaking to a predominantly Democratic audience and absent of Republican representation, Mrs. Clinton found the courage in her opposition’s absence to boldly proclaim, “We can’t have another 4 or 8 years of Republican leadership which has proven to be so disastrous!” Just weeks later, Mrs. Clinton took a radically different position when responding to a question in the presence of a politically mixed TV audience on the Ellen Show saying, “We need to get over partisan rivalry and start working together.”

Throughout her public life, Hillary Clinton has proven to be skilled at separating public (spoken) and private (real) convictions, expertly spinning the former while concealing the latter. All too common. All too disappointing. In many ways her shrewd politicking and arrogant determination are reminiscent of our current Commander and Chief; except that she exerts those detrimental character flaws on the far political left while he presses ever further to the right.

This is one of the reasons I favor the second popular candidate on the Democratic ticket, Barak Obama. Though I disagree with him on a number of important issues, I recognize him as a consistent, thoughtful, and proven listener throughout his public life. He’s intelligent and humble, a welcome contrast to what we commonly experience among politicians. He’s allowed his family life to be largely transparent with the American people while exercising a value system at home that demonstrates effective inter-personal skills normally found only in those who embrace the value of consistent authenticity.

While I do not trust Mrs. Clinton to do anything except that which she has purposed in the hidden recesses of her undisclosed mind, I do trust Mr. Obama to maneuver and exercise his office through a vehicle our nation has largely forgotten, authentic relationship between leader and people built on humble concern and honest communication.

I need an authentic president. One who will listen and clearly communicate to me what he or she is thinking and planning. I need a leader I can follow and who will establish more justice than injustice in our nation and in our world. I need a president I can trust.

When it comes to the issue of trust, I’m aware of no better candidate than Barak Obama. Unless you have one whom you trust more and whom you believe has a winning chance in 2008 then I encourage you to register as Democrat this week at your local MVD and vote Obama on February 5 in the primary elections to select him as the Democratic presidential candidate.


Al said...

I have my Obama shirt on right now. Why isn't everyone excited about him??

Anonymous said...

Hi John - I've not 'lurked' on your blog for a very long time, just read this post today. Obama does seem like a genuine person (for want of a better way of describing him) - I know a few people hereabouts who think the world of him too. We need to pray for our leaders, that's for sure. Thanks for your courage and honesty. Love to you and Aleta xoxoxo

Dr. Claude Mariottini said...


You wrote in your blog:

"Until last month, I’ve been a registered Republican for my entire adult life. Though still conservative in many ways, I’ve come to acknowledge that the activity of our current president has almost assured a Democratic victory in the 2008 election."

Your statement may not be true. Although Clinton has strong support among voters and Obama trails Clinton, the election is not decided yet. Both Clinton and Obama have great liabilities that have not been exposed yet. In the Democratic debates, the candidates have not been challenged to deal with difficult issues. This is the reason some of them look so good.

There is much at stake in this election and I truly believe that 8 years of Clinton and Obama will be disastrous for our country.

Claude Mariottini

John Lynch said...

What a pleasure to discover your comment, Claude! I'd be very interested in hearing of your candidate preference for 2008 along with a few reasons for your support. Thanks again.

John Lynch said...

Hi Sylvia! Thanks for checking in! I continue to pray for God's work in Nagaland with you. In Christ's love, John.