Monday, October 08, 2007

God on the Move

It is of the greatest encouragement to me and to my wife in this season of transition, formation, and waiting to observe the movement of God in our midst. Even without knowing exactly where this path will lead us, the mere knowledge that God is leading us to gain more ground is as refreshing as cold water on a hot desert afternoon.

For example, today I was blessed with two open doors to share the good news of God's love and salvation through Christ with coworkers named Craig and Moses on the construction site today. Both men have had unbelievably painful lives and are desperate for the joy and love-filled life Christ offers in Himself. I'm so eager for these and others to begin meeting the invitation of God's grace with their own movement of prayer, receiving Christ's healing person and experiencing His life-giving kingdom in their own lives!

Moreover, after two months of living with my parents, Aleta and I have finally discerned and decided that it's time to fully relocate our residence to the empty and nearly free house offered to us by a friend who's out of town for a year. The offer was given a month ago but, until now, we hadn't felt the Lord's release to leave Mom and Dad's place. Again, God's movement has touched us. Additionally, I think God's been letting me know that Aleta will be getting a job offer sometime in the next two weeks. We're praising Him for that in faith even now.

In a more internal motion of His hand in our lives, I've begun realizing that I simply don't have time to invest relationally into all the people I'd like to or into all the people who would like me to. That's a hard pill to swallow... for both me and for some of them; but it's a movement I need to embrace and respond to in God's grace and wisdom.

Also in the theme of inward movement, Aleta and I have discovered several lessons of community in proximity. For instance, simply living in extremely close proximity with Christ-followers (like my parents) doesn't automatically mean deep, spiritual conversations. In fact, it almost seems like that scenario requires more intentionality than gathering with others whom we don't live with. With that, we're now aware that such close proximity (i.e. in their house) actually drains our energy and affects our ability to be present in the lives of others. Painful, but valuable, and full of God's energy.

Through all of this movement, God has gained more of us and we, more of Him. We've surrendered much of our belief that we need a certain kind of "space" to live abiding, fruit-bearing lives in Christ. We're also learning to simply grasp the pure, life-giving Jesus while standing somewhat-exposed in the midst of this broken world. And yet, we're learning that refuge and solitude is necessary... be it Christ's late-night garden escape or our weekend retreats.

AND... in relation to God's formation of the kingdom vision He's captured us with for real life in Christ-centered and ever-expanding community, we've finally witnessed God assemble a group of some dozen-or-so kingdom-hungry people for a gathering on Friday, October 26th! We're buggy with excitement over that one.

All of this is definitely an off-road experience in following God through wildernesses and ultimately into His promise for us. What a ride. "Thanks for leading and walking it with us, Abba. We love You and are ever-grateful for this new chapter You are awakening us to and through!"


2e said...

John -

Definitely resonated with the fact of not having the time to invest in all the people that I want to. It's hard then to discern who and how God wants me to invest in those he's put in my life. It's hard to prioritize like that. And it's hard to know whether God wants me to have a broad-but-shallow impact on many lives or a narrow-but-deep impact on a few lives. Is one more valuable than the other? One is certainly more visible and "successful." The second is more costly.

James said...

I'm glad to hear you're back in Phoenix.
I'd like to re-connect and catch up when you have some time.
I'll treat you to a meal at Ajo Al's or some other place you like but haven't visited since you've been home.

PS Do people still call you Johnny?

John Lynch said...


Thanks for the encouragement and resonance with my experience, brother. I really appreciate how you captured the essence of the struggle. Thanks again for making contact, brother!

In Christ's love, John.

John Lynch said...

Hey James!

Great to see you the other week. Ajo's sounds great! Tuesdays and Thursdays are best for me. Are you open this week? Call me if you can... I'm only on the inter-web like once a week. (602-796-3243)

Peace, bro!