Monday, November 05, 2007


I've just realized that I used to use the word "blessing" connected to money a lot. I'd find myself saying things like, "we're blessed to be able to afford this large apartment," or "we're blessed to be able to bring in such a great salary," it was almost an excuse in times when I felt I was living too well. It was as if I was saying, yes, I feel guilty living this way so I'm going to rub a little gratefulness and god onto the situation to make myself feel better.

So anyhow, I realized this the other day because lately I'm really feeling blessed, and suddenly it has nothing to do with money at all. In fact, my husband and I are living off the smallest income we've ever brought in, and I find myself feeling more blessed than ever. It's kind of hard to describe, but it is a fullness, an overwhelming feeling of love and peace despite being in the midst of transition and instability financially and emotionally. It's a peace and joy that laughs in the face of momentary circumstances. For me to feel peace and joy in the midst of questions like "what's next?" I know it has to be a gift from God.

So lately I've been feeling really blessed ...


... Blessed in a whole new way.


Pam said...

I love what you wrote, what you are experiencing. "Blessed" can be used so lightly in our conversations, and too often is tied just to outward things. But your description of what being blessed means to you right now is awesome. Thanks for sharing, friend :)

John Lynch said...

Wow. Well said, hon. With all the questions that continue to fill our horizon, it's simply a miraculous testimony to God's presence that we are experiencing such joy amidst the season. He is so good.

I'm learning, with you, that as we seek first Christ's kingdom - which is caught up in His very person - that He really does take care of the rest. What a God!


Sertalp Bilal said...

I think, using "bleessed" is very nice. English is not my native language, but in my language, I also used a word represents bless so much. I see, you are a very good writer, it is nice to meet with your blog. I am adding you in my blogroll. :)
Thanks for post :)