Sunday, November 04, 2007

Lynch October Update

Wow! Now that we're finally hooked up with internet, Aleta and I are eager to share all that's been happening lately! It's been almost three months since we followed God to Arizona; and He continues to reveal His plan in surprising ways.

A few weeks ago I mentioned a gathering planned for Friday, October 26 that emerged out of our weekly prayer time with Dave and Pam and a biweekly guys breakfast Dave and I go to. Aleta and I were stoked about it as we've continually asked God to assemble and lead us to a local community for life and mission here.

The gathering was awesome. A dozen of us came together for a time of deep sharing and passionate prayer. In response, we’ve begun meeting weekly. In just the two gatherings we've had, God has already begun moving mightily... exposing, dealing, and leading us. Maybe the best part is that none of it was forced or programmed. It just happed as people prayed and talked with a ready attitude to obey Christ!

We're still waiting on God to provide a job for Aleta despite my impression a few weeks ago that He was bringing one in the very near future. Interestingly, the only job-related interaction since then has been a single interview last week with a great-looking design firm in Tempe, just blocks away from where we’re considering focusing our life/ministry presence. Aleta has a second interview with Aleta early this week. Who knows?!

God continues to bless my job at Sundt Construction. Initially I thought it would be a short-term way to learn some skills; but the job has become a much more solid long-term possibility as God increasingly showers favor and encouragement on me there!

Also, we’ve shifted our search for immediate ministry involvement to those most invisible to us. People I wouldn't normally consider investing into for various rational reasons that you'll never find in the heart of God. It's all part of how God's reorienting our paradigm on life and ministry to reflect His core driving impulse of total LOVE. We’ve started calling homeless outreaches in the Valley with the plan of volunteering soon.

Every other Sunday we keep checking out churches. Gotta be honest... It's discouraging. I'm growing more convinced that the vast majority of Christian communities are actually working to quench Christ's kingdom in their midst without even realizing it. Can so many be so blind? May God have mercy and rescue us all.

Those are the biggies. In all of it, we're growing and learning to simply live in the flow of God's love. It's so easy to get lost in impersonal talk about faith and hope; but as Scripture reminds us, "the greatest of these is love" (1 Corinthians 13:13). That's the biggest news of all. God's teaching us to participate in the flow of His overwhelming, relational, transformational, world-changing love.

I hope this and other updates encourage you to increasingly step out in risky faith as we're learning to do, trusting that God really does provide for those who follow Him in radical, "unreasonable" ways. Thanks again for praying for us.

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