Sunday, January 06, 2008

Lynch Update (Aleta) 1/6/08

Hi friends!

Update time... As some of you know, I got a job! It's something that just kind of fell into my lap through a friend of a friend, and it's definitely not something I expected. It's a graphic design position with an upscale design firm in Scottsdale, and it's a freelance position, so every week my schedule changes according to their need for designers. It seems like a really great fit for me, it's challenging design work, with a really creative group of people, but it's a really laid back work environment which is what I've prayed specifically for since my last job was so stressful. So praise God!

In other news, John's job is going well, he continues to be promoted and moved around, learning new stuff at every turn. The project he's on now will soon be coming to an end and he'll start on a new site. Right now it's looking like he's going to be promoted at that time to yet another position, perhaps that of "field engineer" (he's says they use the term "engineer" loosely so I shouldn't get too excited about it). He's working to learn what he needs to know now about reading plans, understanding the terminology, etc., so he's ready for it when the time comes.

We're still meeting with a handfull of people on a weekly basis to pray and also to fellowship, dig into the word and worship together. It's going really well and it's clear that the Lord is knitting our hearts together as we get to know one another and as we walk together through the ups and downs. It's still unclear where we're supposed to be looking for a home, and how we're going to be living in community with one another. Right now this specific group we're meeting with is spread out all over the valley, and other friends of ours are also scattered in different directions. That's a big prayer request.

We're still learning through all of this to really "wait," and what that means. John has numerous posts on this blog about that topic. It's been a rich learning opportunity for us, and we still feel very much in the middle of it.

For Christmas we were in Texas with my brother's family, my dad and his wife, and my uncle from London. It was GREAT. We hadn't seen my dad and his wife in a while, and it's been even longer since we've seen my uncle. It was wonderful spending the holiday around the kiddos and with everyone in one place.

Thank you so much for your personal updates and for your continuing prayers for us and our transition here. We definitely feel the support from all of you - our precious family - no matter how far away we are! Keep the prayers coming as well as your prayer updates. We wage battle on your behalf even as you too pour out your portion on us.

Much, much love, Aleta

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