Sunday, February 24, 2008

Lynch Update (Feb, 2008)

Hey all! We' re missing you scattered abroad terribly but have grown used to the upsides of spending winter in Phoenix, Arizona while our Chicago mates hibernate away amidst this season's blizzards!

We continue to be ever-grateful for our temporarily free housing situation while we remain uncertain on where God wants to plant us here in the Valley. We have Christ-loving, mission-minded friends in North Phoenix, Tempe, and now Central Phoenix that give us ideas, but nothing definitive yet. That last one is particularly interesting because it's the first real potential urban partnership we've discovered.

There's something about urban life and opportunities for Christ's relational gospel there. Ethnic diversity, outdoor socializing, expectations for outdoor interactions, etc. As we drove around the area last week, my heart was stirred with a fondness for city life and the rhythms of its people. Maybe there's something there. We're still checking into it and remain open to anything.

One of our steadfast convictions since arriving is that God desires for us to live in community with other passionate believers with whom we would partner in reaching our neighborhood, city and world. We're aiming at close proximity to one another, even within walking distance, in the middle of some area of social and/or economic need. Please pray with us for our discernment in this and for these partners to be made known!

Our frequent gatherings with friends for worship, prayer and Bible study have blossomed in new ways these last several weeks. The Lord keeps bringing new folks to the group; and an energetic, grace-filled, love-focused, Christ-centered, ethos is taking shape among us. It's sweet, loving and mighty. Praise God.

Aleta leaves in two weeks for India and Bangladesh where she'll be visiting a friend ministering to prostitutes in Calcutta's red light district. We 're confident that God has something special for her and our friend as they serve and edify one another. Please pray for travel details and safety and that God has his complete way with the experience.

Also this month, Aleta moves to full-time employment with her design firm while I move into my new construction position as a field engineer. These are crazy blessings for us. Aleta's job, for example, is far above and beyond what we had been praying for. It's a stellar work environment with tons of affirmation and relational opportunities. The financial implications are that we'll finally be able to become aggressive on getting out of our student loan debt - an earnest desire for us. In addition, my site assignment will change in April; so please be praying that the Lord places me strategically where he wants me. We know he will.

We miss our Chicago friends and family very much and are ever-grateful for your love and prayer. And to our new and emerging Phoenix family, we are deeply humbled and full of praise for you. May the Lord shape us into the community his heart smiles at.

In Christ's love with you, John.

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