Friday, February 08, 2008

Psalm 139

O God,
... You have searched and known me.

You are mindful of my thoughts even from far away,
examining my journey and my rest,
intimately aware of all my ways.
You know my whole heart ...
... even before I speak a single word.

You are all around me, covering me behind and before ...
... and laying Your hand over me.

Such intimate knowledge is beyond me!

Where could I go from Your Spirit?
Where could I flee from Your presence?

Whether I am in heaven or the nether world,
in the glory of the dawn or hiding in the depths of the sea,
You are there ... leading me with Your faithful hand.

You even see my darkest fears and You overcome them all
because You value me as one of Your wonderful works.
You created me fearfully and wonderfully
and my soul knows it!

Everything I am is totally from You.
You knew me even before I existed.

I long ...
to know Your precious thoughts
... even though they overwhelm me.

I long ...
to know Your nearness.

I long ...
for You to cleanse this world and my own person

of things that oppose You.

me, O God, and know my heart.

me and know my many thoughts.

if there is any hurtful way

And lead me in the way that lasts forever.

"Abba, I ask that You make us to know You much, much more. Please reveal Yourself to Ben & Dierdre as You provide him with the best job for this season. Please reveal Yourself to Dave & Pam by giving them new revelation into Your desire for their experience, life and ministry. Reveal Yourself to Dawn by liberating her from her setting past into her rising present. Reveal Yourself to Brandon with strength to overcome. Reveal Yourself to Jeremy & Emily by restoring new hope and uniting it with a clear and compelling vision from Your heart to theirs. Reveal Yourself to Grant & Christianne through wisdom in where to go and through Your abundant provision of new community and new life for them. Reveal Yourself to James & Casey by breathing new, utter, life-giving, soul-uniting surrender into both of them. Reveal Yourself to Aleta by providing deep and mutually life-giving female community. Reveal Yourself to me by showing us where to move and partner with. We all long Lord God, for You and the life You created us for. We are knocking and we will not stop. We are waiting and we will not relent. We are seeking and we cannot turn away. Please, please, please... do not ignore us. Do not leave us as orphans. Do not abandon us. Do not disappoint us. Be who You are. Do what You do. Not seeing from afar but near and involved, opening our eyes to see Your hand all around us. We need You, Abba, like oxygen. Holy Spirit, pray for us with tears more bitter and sweet than we can make. Pour them all out on the feet of the One we worship...

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