Sunday, March 23, 2008

Lynch Update (Breaking News)

Yesterday I had an amazing time with my friend Zack Newsome, a brother who, with his wife Kelli and their family, has moved to Central Phoenix (7th St. and McDowell) to be an incarnational, missional presence of Christ among lost and broken people in that high-need, high-crime area. Afterward, I spent a couple hours checking out the community along with some nearby apartments, homes and ministries. It was powerful and continues to be more so in me as I reflect and pray on it today.

Zack gave me a book as well, The Celtic Way of Evangelism, by George G. Hunger III. It's an awesome testimony of how God launched a dynamic, life-giving redemptive movement among the "barbarians" of Ireland. I'm half-way through and it's only compounded my conviction of a way of life that now seems to have a concrete context in which to engage it.

I'm eager for Aleta to return home from Bangladesh so we can fellowship on this and reach a shared sense of God's calling in all of it. What a God!


Mike Moore said...

John, I picked up that book about 4 years ago and read through bits of it this past semester. It is legit!


John Lynch said...

Too legit to quit!!! I have to return this copy to my buddy; but I'm buying another one so I can hilight the crap out of it. This sounds like the heart of what we feel calling us to do! So encouraging to see it done before. Get down here, already!!!