Tuesday, April 29, 2008

God Enters thru the Heart

God enters through the heart.

Does that sound too abstract? Perhaps even suspicious? If God is engaged through the heart, what is to prevent us from falling victim to the whims and deceptions of our circumstances and emotions?

And yet, how do any of our greatest loves enter us? How do we engage our spouses, our children, our dearest friends? Are not such meetings given life as they come together in the fertile soil of our hearts?

The body is real. The mind is important. But the heart is from where our most important values emerge.

He is invisible to our eyes, although we see the works of His hands. He is beyond our minds, although He has continually spoken to us through the prophets and His Son. But with all this, God's presence is most real and most powerfully experienced in our hearts.

It's the same with our deepest loves. We would never deny the compelling experience of true love. Why then do we so often demand more physical appearance or more easily perceivable evidences of God? Of course we have more than we know of those; but the reality of true encounter with God is a lot like love... occurring in the undeniable reality of our hearts.

Today, I spoke with a friend from work about God. He confessed casually that he is simply uninterested and that if God wants to make Himself known than all He needs to do is make it more obvious. All our conversation fell back to this. When I asked him what he lived for, he said it was his kids. When I asked what would happen if he had no kids, he had no answer and seemed not to mind the paradox.

But when I asked what if God was a loving father, desperate for His kids to know him, sending the witnesses of creation, His Son, and even other of His kids to share that core desire with His children not yet found... it gave him pause.

God enters through the heart. May we learn to awaken the hearts of others as our own and speak His words there.


Adam Graber said...

Good words John. I'm currently leading my small group through Jeremiah. I struggled last night with what the core issue was that the people were facing. I needed to know that because I needed a human connection. I think the core issue is indifference toward God. The people of Judah and Israel simply didn't care about God--that is, they had hardened hearts toward him instead of tender, responsive ones. God couldn't move them. The tragedy is that the only way God could move them was by his fierce anger, through terrorizing them. Oh that God will not resort to terrorizing us in order to get our attention.

John Lynch said...

Amen, Adam. Our hearts do respond to fear; but how much more rewarding and unifying is it when we incline ourselves to awaken to God's love? Blessings dude. Thanks again for dropping by. Your words always encourage and edify!