Friday, April 25, 2008

Phoenix & Calcutta, In Rain & Dreams

The convolution of God's unfolding plan affords even the most spiritual people little more than a glimpse into His unfathomable doings. Yet even mere glimpses through windows of eternity yield such glorious light as to bring us to our knees crying out, "Holy!"

One such window, like something far off and just faintly coming into view, is some strand of connection between Christ's people in Phoenix and His people in Calcutta. He is forging something together ... An alliance. An extended family and an extended partnership. He is filling dreams with His own breath and weaving them together into a tapestry of destiny.

Two cities on opposite sides of this terrestrial sphere. Two peoples separated by oceans and mountains. Two places... on which the same rain of God's grace falls.

"O God, make it so! Bless Sarah as she serves Your loved ones there. Bless her to connect with local partners; and bless us to connect more fully with her in this great thing!"

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