Monday, April 14, 2008

Trip to South Asia

As you may already know, I just got back from a two week trip to Bangadesh and India where I got to serve with a friend's ministry that aids women in leaving the sex trade. It was amazing, exhausting, exhilarating and at times also scary! While I was there I was overwhelmed by the struggles the women face, definitely placing them into the "least of these" catagory.

Here are some of my favorite resources for learning more about the specific struggles these women are living in:
Born into Brothels - an excellent Documentary specifically about the struggle of children in the Red Light District of Kolkata. You can buy this used for around $7 at (CLICK HERE). As far as books, I reccommend Escaping the Devil's Bedroom. It's written by one of Sarah's board members, Dawn Herzog Jewell, and can be pre-ordered for it's July release by following this link.

There are many more free trade organizations created specifically to employ women who have left the sex trade. One of them is called Made By Survivors. Purchasing products that these women have made keeps them employed at a living wage and actually helps them more than you know because the US dollar goes very far in these countries. Programs like my friend Sarah’s and Made By Survivors go beyond a fare wage to help in other ways like sponsoring the womens’ children in school, helping them find safe places to live, providing them with emotional resources like counseling, etc.

Please visit my friend Sarah's website to learn more about her specific ministry and the story of these women she works with. You can also purchase the blankets the women make through this site, or you can do that directly through me. (You don’t have to purchase a blanket to make a donation though, donations are accepted in any amount and are all tax-deductible). Her site should be updated again in the coming months:

Lord, show us how to love these precious ones that are our "neighbors" on the other side of the globe. Show me how to remain sensitive to their concerns and needs even while I am surrounded by such abundance here. Help me remember what I saw on this trip, Lord, and may it move me to a lifestyle of ongoing action.

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John Lynch said...

The longer I have to talk with you about this and reflect on it all, I'm increasingly humbled and grateful for your going, my love! It's an honor to serve our Creator, Savior, & Judge alongside you. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your passionate and loving obedience as God pours out His great love to these broken women.