Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Latest (7/2008)

I've discovered these past few weeks that there are a number of friends who follow this blog and have continued to prayerfully lift Aleta and I up as we journey with the Lord on the path he's leading us. Because of that humbling report, I'm gratefully eager to share the latest in what's been happening with us during the past couple months.

It has been a long process in which Aleta and I have sought to discern the leading of God into a specific context and mission in the Phoenix area. In response to the conviction we believe he's laid on our hearts, we'll soon be moving to Central Phoenix. Many of you already know about that. What you don't know is that, while we've been planning on moving near and partnering with some good friends in fellowship and mission, we've recently learned that at least some aspects of that partnership are no longer a possibility.

While Aleta and I are surprised, we remain confident and free from disappointment as we learn, ever more, to set all our hopes on God alone and on his assured plan. This recent event does stir a persistent ache in our hearts, however, something of a loneliness in our pursuits. We are diligently working to surrender and follow the Lord into whatever context he leads us. Partners on that journey, however, remain few. We are so very hungry for a living and local community of brothers and sisters who are utterly sold out to living life in Christ. Our deepest prayers are that God provides those as he forms a missional movement in the Central Phoenix area.

We would really appreciate your prayer as we continue to move forward, striving to obediently follow the call the Lord has compelled us toward. We're praying for clarity, humility, and faith to go wherever he calls while also asking that he leads us into the kingdom community and mission-minded team he has ordained. We're especially praying for radical, kingdom-minded Christ-followers with whom we can join in following Christ into his missional intent for this part of the world.

In all things, we remain confident that God is at the helm, confessing that "unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain." May he be glorified in all we do!

Thanks for your love and prayerful support.


Bob Carder said...

John, I sure wish we could bless you with the Disciple Driven Church training. Our recent training was awesome and we learned so much about how to make disciples while living in complete Holy Spirit surrender.

If you are ever interested in the week long and free training we offer, just let me know. You could be in the next round of training with us.

I do believe that this training could give you fresh eyes to see what God is up to in America. I really want to see you get in on this. Moreover I believe God wants to reveal this to you.

John Lynch said...

Bob -

Thank you so much for the offer! It's one I'll hold up in prayer and discuss with my wife.

While the time for may not be now; it might be something we'd be very interested in a bit later.

Again, thanks much for your encouragement and offer... and your posting on God's movement in America. It's awesome news that I'm celebrating with you.

In Christ's loving grace and peace,

- John