Monday, November 10, 2008

A Giving Opportunity this November

Operation Christmas Child is a unique ministry that Samaritan's Purse (Franklin Graham's organization) runs every Christmas. I love participating in it because it's a really easy way to give during the holidays and also reach out to the impoverished across the world. 

To summarize the program, you put together a shoe box full of little toys and school supplies for a girl or a boy, and then drop it off at one of their local drop off locations (nationwide.) They collect these boxes from people all over the US and send them out around the globe to kids in need. It's a super easy way to give at the holidays and make a maximum impact. I love seeing the photos on their website of kids who just received a box of goodies! The joy on their faces says everything. 

The shoe box collection week this  year is November 17 - 24. Check out this link on how to assemble a box, and where you can drop it off.

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Anonymous said...

On behalf of Franklin Graham, thank you for participating in Operation Christmas Child. Please continue to pray for the children who will be receiving these gifts that their hearts will be touched by the gospel.

Darren Mullenix
Donor Ministries
Samaritan's Purse