Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Lynch Update - Tough Month

This last month has been a tough one for us.

It feels as though the Lord has placed us on pause, setting us aside.  The lack of next steps in this last month as well as a sense of distance from God in me has left us feeling that specific calling, context, and community are all hidden from us.

We're left feeling discouraged, but also that maybe God is leading us to focus on areas of surrender in us before he moves us onto the next outward steps toward calling, context, and community.  Aleta and I have both identified areas in our lives that God has been calling us to give over to him.  Areas in which that kind of abiding surrender is difficult for us.

And without the institutional structure that can often artificially roll on even without the presence and power of God, we are left naked and utterly dependent on his provision.  The life we've begun moving into is like that.  If God doesn't hold us up, we fall down.  It's that beautifully and terribly simple.  And for God to hold us up, we must be all his... entirely surrendered in his hands.

That's my best attempt at explaining what's happening right now.  Thanks for praying.


anonymous said...

wow, well said Aleta...we will definitely be praying for you...that may explain some of my recent insomnia...now I can pray more clearly during that time :)

we love you guys...patiently waiting as well...Grant

John Lynch said...

Thanks brother. We appreciate it with tears!