Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lynch Update - Season of Surrender

I know these updates are coming in bite-sized pieces; but, such is life for us right now.  Today,  it's nice to be able to name what God's aiming at in us right now; so we're eager to share it.

For me, it is the arena of appetites (thus the recent blog post on the topic).  Specifically, the idolatry of appetites.  I have much to surrender that still rules over me in the place of God.  Examples include sleep, food, rest, and physical comfort.

For Aleta it is the issue of fear.  The Lord continues to lead us on into increasingly risky contexts for life and ministry. Trusting him for safety while walking, home alone, etc. as an attractive, young, woman in a poor neighborhood with increased crime brings some very  real fears into focus.

For both of us, our aim is the same.  Aleta and I desire for our self-service and self-reliance be replaced with an utterly overwhelming love for God that outweighs and redefines the false beliefs our hearts, minds, and bodies have been trained in.

In the words of our friends Dave and Pam... We long for the "expulsive power of a new affection".  A love so big that it pushes our current devotions, idolatries, assumptions, etc. off the throne of our lives.  Radical surrender.  The kind of utter dependence that lies at the heart of abiding in Christ and allows his life to flow in and through us.

Thanks again for praying.  This is so much more than merely increased spirituality.  We need this change to take our next steps into his life.  Without it, we whither and die.

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